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1. What is your old used car worth? This will depend on your vehicle’s condition and its age. However, the value of it will have an important role in the budget for your next vehicle. You’ll need to decide if it’ll be worth turning into the dealership for a trade or if you’ll make more money selling it on your own.  Of course, when calculating the amount that you can afford to spend when it comes to your new vehicle, it’s necessary to determine what is your old used car worth. This begins with learning its fair market value. 

2.  How Do People Determine A Used Car’s Value
How can you determine what is your old used car worth? There’s one rule to keep in mind when purchasing a used vehicle, which is this:

New vehicles of the same model, make and type will be the same all through the nation. However, all used vehicles are looked at differently in market price.

Thus, the deciding factors that affects the vehicle’s actual value in the car’s history are:

- Mileage
- Accident reports
- Driving history
- Condition

3.  Using The Internet To Learn The Answer To What Is Your Old Used Car Worth
To answer your question, “what is your old used car worth”, you have an array of Internet tools at your disposal. These tools will inform you what the car’s market value is based on the information you provide such as its condition and the area you live in. For instance, Kelley Blue Book provides visitors with a comprehensive search tool that allows you to input several options of you used vehicle and zip code. Once done, you’ll get a rough idea of the vehicle’s trade-in estimate. Similar things can be found at NADA and Edmunds. You might want to learn the 
best way to sell my used car: through the Internet or at the local dealership.

4.  When The Internet Isn’t An Option
Should you not have access to the World Wide Web, you should know that printed information is still available to find out the answer to your question, “what is your old used car worth”. Visit your local library, your vehicle insurance agent or have the bank loan officer provide you with a copy of either the Kelley Blue Book of NADA official used car guide.

  kelly blue book  NADA used car guide

used car worth

This gives you some idea of what dealers will use to determine what your old car is worth. Don’t go with the NADA version that are sold at newsstands, as they just present you retail prices, not the trade-in or wholesale value, which is what you’re looking for.


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