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Purchasing a new alternative fuel and advanced vehicle (AFV) can be costly since many are still utilizing non-renewable gas sources in vehicles, making these cheaper to make. However, pre-owned vehicles with alternative fuel sources or converting the vehicle to an alternative fuel source engine and holding tank, could help provide an option of purchasing power to a consumer who is interested in a cheaper, renewable energy. Conversions will sometimes take a great amount of time; leaving an individual without a vehicle, therefore many are turning to pre-owned alternative fuel and advanced vehicles because they are cheaper, the work is already done and consumers won’t have to undergo a conversion practice, and the car is ready to drive without any hassle.

AFV Availability

Discovering an AFV vehicle is like looking for any other type of per-owned vehicle. They can usually be found in live auctions, online, and are located at vehicle dealerships. They mostly enter the market through the government and commercial fleets, where they are then available to the public for purchase. A great source and starting point in searching for pre-owned AFVs is the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA leases AFVs to federal government agencies until the vehicles are to be retired or newer vehicles are need, at which point, the vehicles are returned to the GSA and placed in auctions for the highest bid. Commercial fleets often release information through the GSA on vehicle availability, where email notifications are sent out to those interested for latest availability as well as upcoming auctions. All types of government levels offer fleet vehicles to be sold at auctions and in most cases allow the general public to become involved. Therefore, GSA is a great place to begin with finding out the latest information, auction dates, typical bids, and where auctions are taking place; offering a great chance to take advantage of pre-owned AFVs.

A second option are to search for public auction sites on the web. There are many sites such as eBay Motors’ Green Driving website, that is geared for public auctions and allows individuals to purchase or sell pre-owned AFVs. Another online source of information to discover AFVs is, where sellers on sites such as the Green Driving Website will advertise in other marketplaces. In addition, this process might help find other auction sites selling AFVs to the public. It should be noted that if a person is looking to sell a vehicle through online sites, there might be a sales fee involved, but for the purchaser, there are usually no additional costs. A third great source of information on auctions are clean cities’ coordinators, who are often familiar with auctions and may aid fleets in discovering vehicles to fit the needs of the fleet and therefore are a great source for local auction information.

AFV Pricing

While AFVs are just beginning to become popular, there is a difference in pricing of the vehicles depending largely on the demographic location. For example, some areas offer incentives for such vehicles by providing special lanes, where individuals may avoid high volume traffic, or lower parking fees. Others may experience a reduction on taxes. The price of AFVs typically rises when there is more demand for the vehicles, and demand rises when alternative fueling stations are available and incentives can be found. However, compared to traditional conventional pre-owned vehicles, AFVs can generally be purchased at a good value. Other types of vehicles such as Bi-fuel and flexible fuel vehicles usually sell for a little higher than those vehicles solely dedicated to AFVs, mainly because with bi-fuel being able to utilize both alternative fuel as well as conventional fuel and flexible fuel vehicles using E85 gasoline; driving the costs up for these types of vehicles. Pre-owned AFVs are becoming more attractive mainly due to the low costs. The cost of the vehicles are maintained through the Vehicle Cost Calculator, where the driver’s behavior and the vehicle information are utilized together to create an overall cost of ownership of light-duty vehicles.

A Note Of Caution Before Purchasing

As with any vehicle, the age is an important factor to be considered when purchasing a vehicle, but with an AFV, this is critically important. Before purchasing a vehicle, it is important to check the cylinder label to notify one’s self of the last inspection date of the cylinder. Typically, the cylinder is to be checked out and inspected every 36,000 miles or every three years, so one would need to know when the last inspection date occurred. Secondly, AFVs contain a special cylinder to hold compressed natural gas, which expire 15-20 years after manufactured. So, when considering a purchase, these factors should be taken into account. None-the-less, pre-owned AFV vehicles should always be inspected with a general safety and maintenance assessment before a purchase is to be made; offering the most knowledge to accurately make a decision on the purchase.


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