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Insurance Auto Auctions aka Salvage Auto Auctions is usually for dealers only
due to the serious nature of the damage to these cars

Salvage & Insurance Auto Auctions Guide


Insurance Auto Auctions Information
Learning to find best values of salvage vehicle auction search!

Why Use Insurance Auto Auctions?
The specialized companies can provide the efficient sale of total-loss vehicles for qualified buyers. - Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. is one of the leading North American salvage auto auctions with the largest facility footprint, strong buyer base and high auction returns. - Car-Tech Auction, Inc. is an experienced and versatile auto salvage auction in New Jersey that provides dealer auto auctions worldwide.

They encompass over 30 acres of outdoor storage space in addition to our 80,000 square foot warehouse. The extensive size of our dealer auto auction facilities accommodates wholesale salvage auto auction-related activity as well as storage s. Moreover, the protection provided from the elements adds to the value of salvage vehicles sold in their salvage auto auctions, which works to everyone's benefit.



If any vehicle is involved in an accident and severely damaged, it is required by law in each state that the car should be marked as salvaged, therefore DMV would need to brand the title as "totaled in a wreck". In such case, the vehicle is not allowed to be sold at a regular price. However you can locate them in any of the salvaged yards where the vehicles are showing as going through the salvage auction process.

In reality, any car that you picked up at salvage auctions could be potentially problematic, therefore you would need to have it thoroughly inspected.

By going online, searching inventories and specification of salvage auctions, you can save your time to visit the auction. Keep in mind many dealers have been in the same business over the past years and they know well enough to suggest any good deal out of their auction yards.


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