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6 Chapters on ways to help you customize your own vehicle/motorcycle wheels, tires and interiors

Would you like to customize your vehicle… all on your own? Are you a little befuddled on how you can get this done? Don’t worry! You won’t be befuddled too much longer. Perhaps you have an antique vehicle – 1968 Chevy RS/SS Camaro, a 1967 Stingray, a 1964 ½ Ford Mustang or a 1964 Mercury Monterey? Perhaps you have something newer?

Well, there’s no reason you have to wait to customize your vehicle, even if money is an issue. If you love your vehicle, and want to give it an overhaul, then you can start right now.  The first and foremost thing you have to do is set aside a specific budget to start your car customization project.

How Do You Start With Your Car Customization Project

Are you looking to have a car design that is a reflection of your personality? If so, then you’ll have to rebuild the vehicle. This means you must learn how to modify or customize every bit of the vehicle – looks, handling and performance.  You’ll have to customize the engine, wheels, exhaust, suspension, its insides, etc.

What changes would you like to do to your vehicle? Here are some ideas to get you going:

1 – Engine

Let’s face it! Your engine is the heart of the vehicle. Without an engine, you’re not going anywhere.  How can you customize your engine?

•    Begin by upgrading your engine to a turbo charger, which boosts the amount of oxygen sucked in by compressing the air that gets into the engine.  Initially seen on diesel engines of heavier vehicles, the turbo engine is similar to an air pump in that it’s a forced induction system. The turbo’s engine process will dramatically boost the engine’s efficiency and power and decrease pollution. When used with an inter-cooler, the turbo engine can efficiently perform better.

•    You could also get the supercharger to the turbo, which removes the lag time linked to the regular turbo systems. The popularity behind this kind of engine is that it’s cost efficient, has a high performance and is extremely reliable.  You can also see a 50 to 100 percent increase in power, which makes them ideal for racing and customizations.

•    Another customization you can do to the engine is add soft’ware touch. This will change the engine to better its power and efficiency levels by controlling its transmission and fuel injection systems. The electronic fuel injection system controls this, and when dealing with reliability and performance, you can’t get any better than the EFI system.

•    Some other options to increase the performance of an engine include:

•    Adding a nitrous oxide system kit
•    Fuel pumps
•    Air filters

2 – Car Exteriors and Interiors

If you really want to impress people with modifications, you want the looks of your vehicle to match your personality.

•    One thing you can do is customize the seat covers. Be creative while you do this and think about everything in terms of the car.

•    Another customization you can do to the interior of your car involve the floor mats. Be sure the floor mats match the color of the interior and don’t forget to consider the weather in your area.  If you live in a wet or snowy climate, it may be best to choose vinyl mats. If you want a lavish feel and look, you can opt for the tufted nylon.

•    Another option for customization is decals, which involves the transferring of art patterns done on ceramic, paper or plastic that you can move from one surface to another.

•    You can also customize the vehicle wheels by adding either chrome or aluminum alloy wheels. A majority of the folks will increase the size of their rim and tires along with these things because it increases road grip and rubber contact.

3 – Exhaust System

A vehicle’s exhaust system is designed to remove the spent gases away from the engine. To ensure this happens correctly, a larger exhaust of up to three inches can ensure a better flow of these gases. Many people will try to keep their existing muffler; something that should not be done. If you increase the exhaust size, the engine power is going to increase. Couple that with a larger streamlined muffler and you’ll see a tremendous amount of power.

4 – Brakes and Suspensions

•    You can also increase the vehicle’s handling and your comfort levels by customizing the suspension. The best suspensions will allow you to drive on any terrain. Low rider vehicles can get a hydraulic suspension system so they get optimal ground clearance.

•    When you have a high performance vehicle, you need high performance disc brakes. Don’t ever compromise when it comes to brake pad and disc rotor quality. Always go for a larger sized rotor and, when it comes to dis brakes, you need to go with bigger because it does mean better.

5 – Personal Touches

•    To really customize your vehicle, add some personal flair by using logos, graphic stickers and badges.

With the helpful hints above, you can turn your ordinary ride into a ride that others will envy and set fire to the pavement.


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