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1.  One of the biggest fears of anyone buying a used car is that it will fail them within a short period of time. A used car that stops working soon after it has left the dealership is no bargain, and can often leave the buyer with enormous repair bills, and inconvenience. The best answer to this problem is to buy a certified used car. This will afford the buyer with a guarantee that the car will provide reliable transport. 

2.  Why buy certified used cars?
The price of a new car is so high that it is often out of the reach of many people. However, if a certified used car is bought, it can give the owner most of the benefits of a new car at a much more reasonable cost. The car will have mileage on it, but in most respects, it will be almost like new. A certified used car will not surprise the buyer with as many mechanical problems because the car has been checked by a mechanic before being offered for sale. If there are any problems, they will have been repaired already.

3.  Things to consider when shopping 
When considering a certified used car, there are several other things to keep in mind. A certification that has been done by the manufacturer is always better than one offered only by the dealer. You should also go over the checklist yourself, to be certain that every part of the car has been inspected and repaired, if need be. Most affordable used cars will still have an original warranty in effect, and you should make certain that this is included in the contract, an oral agreement will mean nothing if the car suffers a mechanical failure.

You should read the warranty very carefully, to make sure that you understand exactly what is covered by it. Most warranties will cover the power train, and if you want more coverage, you will have to buy it separately. Also, make sure that the warranty can be transferred to you, and has not expired with the original owner.

4.  Use your local dealership with reputation
A reputable dealership will usually have some sort of return policy if the car does not live up to your expectations. While a certified used car will undoubtedly present fewer problems than one that has not been certified, having the return policy in writing, in your contract, is still a good idea. See whether any fees that have been associated with the transaction will also be refunded in the event of a return.

Once you have pretty much settled on the certified used car you want, be sure to take it on a test drive, and not just around the block. Give the engine a chance to warm up, and give you some idea of how the car handles and seems to be holding up. It is quite likely that the car is in very good condition, and that you will be happy with it, but it also pays to check as many things out yourself as possible.


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