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In timesí past, a windshield chip or break meant a specific replacement. Today, thanks to technology, you can fix windshields that normally would have needed to be replaced.  This improvement means you can keep your windshield and save money too.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Windshield?

When it comes to either repairing or replacing your windshield, the answer depends on three things:

ē    Location of the crack
ē    Location of size
ē    Precision of harm

The majority of windshield repair shops can fix cracks and quarter-size stone chips that are three inches or less long.  If larger than this, the shops tend to suggest windshield replacement.

Bear in mind that where the damage is will determine if the windshield gets replaced or repaired. Any cracks near the border of the window spread fast and can damage the entire windshield in time. However, when noted immediately, it can be repaired. However, for most cases, the windshield is replaced.

Some repair shops will suggest a replacement if the crack is a driverís line of view. The reason is that repairing them can lead to a minor distortion in the glass, which can impair the vision of the driver.

Regardless of the location and size, itís best to have it looked at and repaired/replaced right away. Waiting allows dirt to get into the damaged area, which will impact the fixís usefulness and clarity. Keep in mind that if the windshield has a bit hit, itís going to be beyond saving. Thereís nothing that a repair shop can do so itís important to replace the windshield.

How Much Does It All Cost?

The cost to repair the majority of cracks costs about the same. However, cracks longer than three inches, and a certain treatment may be needed. A specialist in long-cracks (six to 12 inches) runs around $75.

Windshield replacement costs will vary based on the kind of automobile. And, you donít just pay for the windshield, but also the installation job and windshield molding kit.

Itís important to find an automotive glass professional Ė people who specialize in the repairing and replacement of auto glass Ė windshield, side and back glasses.  The majority of them, knowing the cost, will advocate for repairing over replacing the glass. Many independent stores specialize in just windshield repairs. They can fix cracks and chips but will not install a new windshield, if necessary.

A local retailer will often replace your windshield with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass. Dealers often subcontract to a cellular glass service that will replace the windshield onsite. Itís possible to find a non-OEM glass through dealers. Instead of bringing your car to a location to have it fixed, they can come to you fixing or replacing your windshield, whether you are at home or at work.

When fixing your windshield, a special resin is injected into the damaged area using a tool that attaches to the glass. The resin, once itís injected, treats and polishes the glassí stamina and clarity.  When a break occurs, it tends to spread in the inside layer of the plastic Ė an area lying between the two pieces of glass.  Every now and then, a drill is used to produce a clear way to the plastic so that the resin can be injected.

Consider a windshield repair job as the first aid to keep the damage from occurring further.  It may come across as perfect or it can come across as still damaged. Whatever the situation, making the necessary repairs keeps the damage from going further.

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