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1. When you don’t prepare your vehicle for sale, you could do more harm than good with its used car resale values. It’s significantly important that you learn the five things that will further your used car resale values and earn you additional money on that vehicle you’re trying to sell.

2.  Five Things You Can Do To Increase Your Used Car Resale Values

1 - Keep Records On The Vehicle’s Maintenance

Be sure you keep all your maintenance records on the vehicle, regardless if it’s a new vehicle or a used one. You can learn more about a vehicle by checking its history through either Carfax or Auto Check. If you don’t have these records on hand when selling your vehicle, it could hurt the used car resale values, as it tells the buyer that you didn’t maintain your vehicle.

2 – 
Thoroughly Clean Your Vehicle

Families can be messy especially when children are involved. It’s very difficult to maintain a clean vehicle when children ride in a vehicle. After all, they can make messes from dropping drinks and foods. Or, they can lose their toys. In order to increase the used car resale values, you must thoroughly clean your car before you place it on the market for sale. Kids are wonderful to have but no one really wants to purchase a car that children ride in.

3 – 
Learning The Vehicle’s Mechanical Problems

Most folks, when selling their used vehicle, have no idea, how mechanically sound it is. There are two ways to find out how mechanically sound your vehicle is:

A – You can buy the CarMD diagnostic tool, which will tell you if the vehicle has any potential mechanical problems. You should also have one when you’re trying to purchase a vehicle. If you’re trying to sell your vehicle, the potential buyers may also use this tool on your vehicle.

B – You can take the vehicle to a certified mechanic to have it inspected. They’ll let you know what’s wrong with the vehicle. You can either fix the vehicle yourself or lower the asking price so the new owner can fix it.

4 – 
Don’t Customize Your Vehicle

You know those little investments you made on your vehicle? Well, these can actually hurt a used car resale values. What you have done is created a niche vehicle that’s saleable only to folks who like that kind of niche. If you want to get the most money from your vehicle, you’ll need to strip your car of these “extras” and put it back in its original state… if you’re able to!

Used Car Resale Values
5 – Don’t Post Pictures or Videos Of Your Vehicle

Most people in the market for a used vehicle will do a Google search of the make and model of your vehicle. What they’re looking for is any negative videos or photos that involve your vehicle. They’re also on the lookout for information on you being arrested for DUI/DWI while using that vehicle.

As you see, your used car resale values can plummet by doing stupid little things. However, by employing some simple worthwhile tips, like the ones above, you can increase a used car resale values to get more money in your pocket at the time you sell your vehicle.


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