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There are many people who decide to go to car auctions to find themselves a great used vehicle for a decent price. For many people, this can happen but like any auction, the buyer should be familiar with the process before committing money to an auctioned vehicle.

Several Different Kinds Of Used Car Auctions

Consumers need to understand that there is more than one used car auction available to them. What are the options they have available?

1 - Most used car auctions are held at a dealership and tend to feature bank or finance company repossessed vehicles. These vehicles are generally new and can give someone a great bargain on a used car.

2 - The government will also have car auctions to get rid of vehicles that have been seized during a criminal activity. These cars tend to also be new and in fairly good shape. They often sell for much less as well.

3 - Car rental agencies will also sell used vehicles to get rid of their older inventory to make way for newer rental vehicles. These vehicles tend to be well maintained.

4 - You also have the option to go through Internet auctions like eBay Motors. This gives you the chance to bid on a vehicle that’s being offered.

Keep in mind that vehicles sold at auctions are sold “as is” This means if something happens, you have no recourse with the seller. For a nominal fee, you can get a 30-day guarantee.

How To Conduct Business At A Used Car Auction

When you decide to go to an auction to purchase your used vehicle, you need to know some rules of conduct.

1 – Get there early so that you can look the vehicles over. You won’t be allowed to have a mechanic look it over so have some knowledge about the vehicle you want. Buying a used vehicle means listening to your instincts. It doesn’t matter how good a car looks, if you’ve got some negative feelings, walk away. However, if you see a vehicle you like, inside and out, then take a chance and bid on it.

2 – Be sure you set a price limit before you look for your vehicle. Too often people will make the mistake of not setting themselves a limit. In the heat of bidding, they may bid too much money on a vehicle they cannot afford to buy in the first place. Before you step foot in the auction, set your high limits and stick by it. It doesn’t matter if you see a car in great condition… if it goes past your high limit, walk away.

3 – You need to also be mindful of the end price of that vehicle you’re buying. Remember you still have to pay extra fees and a buyer’s premium that comes from the percentage of the vehicle sold price. This can run you hundreds of dollars.

You can find some great cars at bargain prices at used car auctions. But, if you plan on going the used car auction route, you need to protect yourself from both fraud and a non-mechanical sound vehicle. This means you need to do some research and run a VIN check on the vehicles you like. When you do these things, you will find the car you like and live with.

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