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Should you trade or sell your used vehicle? This is a question that all consumers have when they’re looking to purchase another vehicle but need to do something with their used car. So, should you sell or trade?  Actually, you should ask yourself and have answers to four questions to make that determination. There is no right or wrong answer; the answers you get will just help you to determine if your car would be better traded in or sold.

1 – What Kind Of Shape Is Your Vehicle In?

Does your vehicle need a little or lot of fixing up? If it needs a little fixing up, you might consider being the seller of it. If you have to make a good deal of repairs, you should consider the amount of money you’ll have to put into it. After all, you might not be able to recoup that money. Weigh the repair costs against the added value. Does it look favorable for you?

Keep in mind that your vehicle should be in good shape… no matter what method of “getting rid of it” you intend to do.

2 – Are You Keen On Research?

Regardless of what you want to do with your car, trade or sell, you still need to do some research. If you plan on trading in your vehicle, the top three sites to check out the value is


It can help you establish a price you know you can realistically attain for your vehicle should you trade it in.

You’ll need to use the same steps to sell your car. However, you’ll still need to do some research on the best methods to sell your vehicle. You’ll also need to research the different ways to make the transfer and what other folks are selling their vehicles for.

When you’re a seller, you need to know everything about your vehicle. If you don’t, if you come across a savvy buyer, they’ll get a leg up on you.

3 – Do You Like Selling Things?

If you want to be successful selling your used car, you need to like to sell things. You’ll have to convince someone why they need to buy your car.  Thus, you better know your vehicle outside and inside. Prepare yourself for objections and counter them.

4 – Do You Mind Talking To People?

Be honest with yourself. How do you feel about meeting new folks? Is safety an issue for you? If you decide you want to sell your vehicle, you’ll meet several new folks and some of these folks could be an issue for you.

Yes, you’ll be meeting new folks at the dealership but they won’t be invading your personal area, asking you all kinds of questions, etc. You certainly don’t want to deal with questions that don’t pertain to your car and, with a dealership, you don’t have to.

So, should you sell or trade your vehicle? In the end, the answer is whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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