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When you’re shopping for your next vehicle, you might be in awe by the shiny sports car or the nice-sized SUV. How many times have you heard people talk about the kind of vehicle they’d love to purchase and often hear them mention the stuff they’d like it to come equipped with like DVD players, mini TV screens, awesome sound system, great-looking rims, etc.

The real problem with people saying what they want is that they never talk about the safety features of their desired vehicle including its safety rating, how well it did in crash tests and if it’s been recalled.

Insurance companies look at keeping folks in the vehicle safe, decrease the amount of accidents and to reduce the amount of money they pay for coverage. For insurance companies, safe cars are the cream of the crop. And, safe doesn’t mean a vehicle is ugly or doesn’t have the extras people want.

Every year, a top 25 safest cars’ rating list is released. And, if you’re looking at purchasing another vehicle, it’s well worth your time to check it out. Does the vehicle you want make it? If it doesn’t, it might be a good idea to look at the vehicles that do make the list. Maybe you can find something that is similar to the model you want… just safer!

Here’s a look the some of the safest cars out on the road, which made the safety list. Not only are they safe, they also have some amazing features. You’ll be pleased to be behind the wheel with any of them.

A Look At Upscale Vehicles

Do you like the feeling of behind the wheel of an upscale car? Are you also worried about safety? Then, consider the BMW 330i, the Audi A4 or the Lexus ES300 to own for your next vehicle. These vehicles have ranked high in crash tests as well as inclusive safety for the upscale sedan class.

A Look At Small Vehicles

Three small vehicles that rank high up on the top 25 safety vehicle list are the:

- Honda Civic
- Volkswagen Golf
- Volkswagen Jetta

A Look At Midsize Vehicles

Again, Volkswagen came out on top in the midsize category with its Passat GLX 6.0. Ranked not far behind are the Subaru Legacy and Nissan Altima.

A Look At Trucks

Most folks are under the impression that trucks are safer; but, it’s a fallacy. There are some trucks that are safer than others however. The trucks that make the top 25 list are:

- Dodge Ram SLT 4.7
- Ford F150 XLT 5.4
- Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7

A Look At SUVs and Minivans

The category of SUVs and minivans has a number of safe vehicles and some very unsafe vehicles. The minivans that have done well in simulated crash tests include:

- Honda Odyssey EX
- Mazda MPV
- Toyota Sienna

The SUVs that did quite well and are deemed safe are:

- Lexus RX300
- Saturn VUE
- Toyota Highlander

Does that mean that buying a safe vehicle will keep you from becoming injured in an accident? Absolutely not! No vehicle, as of yet, has been constructed to keep you 100 percent safe.

If you’re looking for the cool car, you can still find it on the top 25 list.  After all, Saturn, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Toyota and many more have ranked high up in their class and are extremely popular models. And, keep in mind that the cars built today are safer from the ones that were built 15 to 20 years ago.

If you’re purchasing an older model vehicle, such as a 15 to 20 year old car, you can be sure it doesn’t have the safety features that many of today’s models have. However, the reasoning behind that is that the safety standards and technology back them was vastly different.

It’s important to make safety the most important feature you look at in a car. It should be more important than price or design. After all, you want a car that protects you and your family. And, that means you need to look at the top 25 safety ratings list to find that safe, good-looking vehicle.

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