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WHave you ever wondered what the Mini Cooper was like? Donít wonder any longer!

The mini Cooper is, no doubt, a true International vehicle. Although British, it has an engine that meshes the resources of both the French-based Peugeot and the German-based BMW, which is then sold to the American vehicle consumers.

A Look At The Miniís Engine

The Miniís biggest chance is the engine.  Itís got all-aluminum, twin-cam engines, has improved horsepower, decreased emissions and fuel efficiency.

The latest Mini, dubbed Mini 2, keeps the four-cylinder 1.6 liter capacity. However, itís got high-tech aluminum block thatís lighter than the iron-block Tritec engine, built by Chrysler. The miniís engines replace the supercharged four-cylinder 1.6 liter engines of the present Mini Cooper S and the Mini Cooper.  It also gets a significant power boost from 115-hp to 143-hp engine.  The Cooper S power output remains the same 170-hp but the turbocharged engine will have a significant improvement in its power deliver over the present supercharged setup.

A Look At The Miniís Body Style

Have you ever looked at the Miniís body style? Believe it or not, itís been changing. Youíve seen the Mini Convertible; but now, thereís the five-door longer wheelbase version. Itís got cargo area and lots of rear legroom.

The new Mini sports an upright rear hatchback as well as a couple of rear-hinged doors that allow for easy access to the back seats. Itís thought that this five door arrangement is similar to the Rolls-Royce electronic locking system, which means you can open the rear doors independently from the front doors. Thus, if a person wants to get into the back seat, he doesnít have to be worried about disturbing the front seat passengers.

A Look At The Car On the Inside and Outside

The redesigned front end has exophthalmic headlights and an erect design to pacify Europeís pedestrian protection laws. On the inside, it features a centrally-mounted speedometer, with a wooden trim dash to match the body color.

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