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Have you recently just purchased a vehicle only to find out a short time later that it doesn’t work? It doesn’t matter if it’s new or used… you can’t go anywhere in the vehicle. This is when you need the help and understanding of the lemon laws for used cars. These laws were designed to help you in the event you’ve owned your vehicle for no more than two years and have driven it no more than 18,000 miles.

Why Lemon Laws Were Created

Lemon laws were first written to protect customers who purchased new vehicles from car dealerships. However, regulations have made it so amendments could be made to expand the laws to used cars too. Many states laws have been created to assist in what defines a used vehicle as “a lemon vehicle”. Of course, state laws vary from the regulations the U.S. government set forth.

Magnunson-Moss Warranty Act

The federal government passed a law called the Magnunson-Moss Warranty Act but it’s quite limited in scope and compensation that victims can receive. If a dealership implies the vehicle has a warranty, each regulation of the warranty must be taken seriously by the dealership. The terms could be giving back the car buyer’s money, replacing the faulty parts or making repairs. Most states have more complex lemon laws on record. Thus, you must investigate these laws especially if you’re concerned about getting a leased vehicle and lemon laws.

Currently there are about six states where they recognize and passed a new law of lemon on the used vehicles - Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York. The laws are providing statutory used-car warranty based on the age or mileage of the vehicle you have. If you find any problems during those covered warranty period, you will get a chance to request a claim to the dealer and they are responsible for repairing it. If the same problem still exists even after a few attempts of remediation, then dealer is required to either refund or replace with other vehicle.

In other states including Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico and Pennsylvania, they have slightly different forms of buyer’s protection program such as minimum used car warranties or standards by with consumers can file a claim on any of unfair or deceptive sales activities.

When you’re in the market for a vehicle and decide to use a car dealership, they’ll often have a sticker on the window that features the warranty along with buyer’s guide. This warranty section must lay out the remaining part of the warranty. If the vehicle is no longer under a warranty, the buyer must be aware of it. These kinds of vehicles are sold “as is”.

When Lemon Laws Won’t Protect You

Lemon laws will not work in cases that you purchase a vehicle from an individual rather than a dealership. If you’re unable to locate a certain regulation for used vehicles that will satisfy your set of circumstances, you may have other laws on the books that can protect you. This is the time you need to speak with an attorney who deals mainly with lemon laws. He/she will give you your options.

Remember that the lemon laws legislation was created to protect consumers and it’s important that you know your rights so you can come out in better shape. Just because you are one person, don’t let this keep you from making a claim. You can be sure that the car dealerships and manufactures will do all they can to keep you from making it. Don’t forget that you deserve the vehicle you thought you had purchased; something that runs and will get you around town, whether you have an emergency or not.

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