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You may have heard of this catch - get paid to drive your own car - is this real of just another scam?

It is not a scam as there are real companies who actually this program and they really pay you when you join the program. Also there are many real people who participate in these types of program all over the United States as well as other countries.
Often times you will see those vehicles with colorful banners and different signs wrapped around it, driving through the middle of highway or main street in downtown.

How do "get paid to drive" programs work?

The program concept is as simple as you can guess. You get paid by simply driving your own vehicle on which a particular advertising signs are placed. In some cases, you are provided with a free car, so that you don't have to bring up your own vehicle upfront. The type of ads is very similar to billboards or taxi ads. Ads are used to promote a new business, upcoming sports event or movie release.

The quality of ads is pretty good, which will come in as an attractive paint-safe vinyl film or decal. So you don't need to be concerned about those ugly pizza delivery car top box style. The ads format can be in the form of complete car wraps, partial wraps either on the front or rear end of the car, or even window decals. In case of ad decals, they are easily removable without leaving any scratch or marks on the car surface.

Usually advertising companies are in the middle to administer this type of program, who will be paid by their clients when they want to promote their new products and services out to the public. When you sign the program to join, you are committed to run the vehicle according to their preset rules, and get paid out of their advertising fees.

There are a few criteria and conditions on this program whether you will be accepted or not:

  • Where you are living: metro areas are preferred

  • Where you are driving: high traffic area is preferred

  • Where you park: high visibility area is preferred

  • Other personal qualifications

If you are only driving a few miles per week, only to school or church, then you won't be qualified for this program. Generally you should drive at least 1,000 miles per month. Remember the funding comes from the advertising clients who are mostly interested in promotion, which means a high traffic and visibility.

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