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1.  Many people now find it convenient and easy to buy their used car online. Doing research on the internet can save you a great deal of time, energy, and frustration. Driving from dealership to dealership can be expensive, as well as aggravating, but searching for the car you want online can eliminate most of these problems. 

2.  Use Web for used cars and consumer reports
Before you begin your search, you should do some homework. You should check the Kelley Blue Book for the value of the car you want. It would also be a good idea to research reviews of the car, such as those provided by Consumer Reports. Knowing if the car you want is heir to certain problems will help you either with your choice or with negotiations.

After you have checked the above, you will be ready to begin your search online. You should have some information ready for the search engines to make your search faster. You should know what make and model of car you are looking for. The spending limit is another thing that will be necessary for your search, as will your zip code or the zip code of the city nearest you. Most of the searches for used cars will provide you with information in a certain radius from where you live, such as ‘within 25 miles’. If you live in a rural area, there may not be the car you want within that distance, so entering a nearby city will help with your search.

3.  Know about the dealership
Once you have located a dealer online, there are some things you should check before committing to a sale. You should check with the Better Business Bureau to see whether the dealership has complaints against it. One or two are nothing to worry about, in most cases, it is impossible to please everyone. The trade commission or consumer protection bureau of the state where you reside will also register complaints, and if there are a number against the dealership you are looking into, it might be better to look elsewhere for your car.

If everything checks out and you find the model you are looking for, and the deal seems as if it will go through, make sure that you read the contract carefully. Many people are so eager to get the car that they just sign on the dotted line. Do not make that mistake, it can cost you thousands of dollars. Bear in mind, that if you buy a car that is being sold ‘as is’, you will have absolutely no recourse if anything goes wrong.

4. Check if the vehicle is at your local store
Another thing to check is that the car you are going to buy is at the dealership, and not at some distant location. If the car will need to be delivered, be sure that the delivery price is included in the purchase price, otherwise you can end up paying hundreds of dollars for the car to be delivered.

Besides online dealerships, it is also possible to buy a used car online through an auction site. Some of the more reputable sites will offer history checks of the cars being offered there and some sort of protection for the buyer if the car turns out to be defective.



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