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1. Do you need some car winter tires selection tips to help you choose your vehicle’s next tires? Most people often to need car winter tires selection tips because they understand tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle especially when the winter season strikes.  Before you start driving your vehicle during the winter season, you need to learn what the car winter tires selection tips are to keep safe on the road.

2.  Many varieties of tire selections
Thanks to new technology, there are many winter tire varieties to choose from; all of which will give you safe handling and traction in the worst possible weather conditions such as:

- Rain
- Ice
- Snow
- Sleet

The reason winter tires have become so popular among drivers are the rubber compounds, which stay flexible even in cold temperatures. This provides drivers with stopping power and an improve safety margin compared to other kinds of tires.

3.  Three Key Car Winter Tires Selection Tips
 How You Can Stay Safe On The Road During The Winter

So, what’s the first of many car winter tires selection tips you need to bear in mind?

1 – Tire Type and Size

The first of many car winter tires selection tips is to read the owners’ manual to learn what kind and size tires your vehicle needs. The range of tires you can choose from will depend on the manufacturer’s specifications. All too often people don’t understand this and end up with tires that cause them problems. With the information on hand, you can head to the local tires dealer to find your brand of tires.

In some areas of the country, you might need metal stud tires. Should this be you, there are two kinds of tires you will need to purchase for the winter season. One set needs to be used during the months that are icy since these are the months you’re allowed to use them. The other set of tires will need to be placed on the vehicle when the months are prone to be wet, cold and muddy.

2 – Same Size and Tread Type

Another tip to keep in mind for your winter tires are to ensure they are the same size and type of tread because you don’t want them losing traction. You also don’t want to put extra-large tires on your vehicle because this can cause damage to your vehicle’s suspension, which is something you don’t want… in any case or weather!

Regular and snow tires are different in several aspects. First off, snow tires have a wider space between the treads, which allows them to dig into the snow. Regular tires, on the other hand, a great to get a smooth ride but can’t really handle the snow and ice well.

The final tip out of the three car winter tires selection tips is to keep chains in your vehicle should it snow. If you live in a region that doesn’t get much snow, there’s no reason to purchase snow tires.

However, if you live in a region that snows, it would be in your best interest to make the purchase. If you decide not to though, tire chains can be beneficial during the snowy, winter months.


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