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BUYING USED CAR TIPS - How to check for body damage from rust

1.  Unless you reside near the ocean, rust isn’t a lot of a problem in the arid southwest. However, in the north, in which they salt the roads in the winter, or from the coastal southeast, in which the combination of humidity and salt air practically melts your car or truck away, rust could be a big obstacle in used car hunting. Rust usually starts in 1 of two methods. It either commences from the exterior, such as a chip in your paint exposing bare metal or, worse yet, comes from the within and starts bubbling up by way of the paint. Rust that comes from the inside of out is really a sign of a poorly made automobile, buy any vehicle which is visually rusty needs to be avoided.

2.  Watch out for a rust hole
Even in the event you figure from the coast of entire body work and a paint job, once a rust hole has started it can never be stopped, only slowed down. Rust never sleeps, and commonly within a year it will begin bubbling back by way of, depreciating your car’s resale value radically. If you reside in a “rust belt” region, be wary of older cars that have been recently repainted. You'll be able to hide a lot of sin with physique filler and paint. It is up to you to detect it.

3.  How to check rust with tools at home  
In checking for rust, it makes sense to look inside most frequent issue areas. This would be approximately the wheel wells plus the fenders immediately behind the tires wherever stones get kicked up, chip the paint, and expose bare metal for rust to attack. The front from the vehicle can also catch flying stones from other vehicles, making this a difficulty area as nicely.

With your trusty flashlight in hand, look underneath the vehicle behind the front and rear tires on both sides. Of course, before you do this make certain the auto is parked on a level surface in park/gear plus the emergency brake engaged. If it’s on a slope, put blocks under the wheels for added safety. Shine your light on the within with the fenders too as the wheel wells. You're searching for excess physique filler, which from this side looks like hardened putty all globbed up.

4.  Check out hidden rust spots
In locations where you don’t have a clear view, use your fingers as your eyes and experience all around. Do you really feel globs of hardened putty beneath there? Other rust-prone places to check would be the exterior flooring beneath the driver’s and passenger’s seats, below the carpeting/matting on the floor inside of, under the carpeting/matting in the trunk, and all around the engine compartment. Use your flashlight, your eyes and your fingers.

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