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Most American drivers believe that they’re protected by lemon laws if they buy a used vehicle. However, that’s a myth and not reality. Some states stipulate that used cars can be sold “as is”. If it breaks down just after you leave the lot, you have to deal with the problem…not the dealer!

What You Ought To Do When Buying A Used Car

Most consumers know that new vehicles are very expensive, which is why many of them purchased used vehicles. Keep in mind that a vehicle can depreciate in the value by nearly 20 percent the second you drive it away from the lot. When you’re worried about money and need a vehicle, purchasing a used vehicle makes plenty of sense. After all, a late model used vehicle can be a real steal.

However, buyers must be careful because used cars don’t typically fall under the lemon laws in several states. Some states do cover lemon laws; but, the majority of them don’t. Some states demand that dealers place a limited warranty on their used vehicles. Other states permit vehicles to be sold “as is”. If you purchase an “as is” vehicle, you’ll be the one responsible for the repair costs, regardless of what it is.

Smart car buyers understand that they should have the vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic before it’s bought. You should never rely on the salesman’s word or the onsite mechanic’s word when the vehicle is being sold “as is”. After all, you want somebody that you know and trust to look over the vehicle to ensure that there are no hidden problems with it.

What The Mechanic Needs To Be Watchful For

1 – Oil Stains

Oil may leak from many places, as some leaks could indicate major problems.

2 – Floor Pan

Wrecked cars could actually have dents in their floor pan. These dents are difficult to get rid of and could be an indication of damage that’s hidden by the body repairs.

3 – Radiator Fluid

If the radiator has something more than antifreeze or water in it, it could be real trouble.

4 – Check For Flooding Damage

There were many Gulf Coast vehicles damaged by floodwaters. And, flood damage is very difficult to detect especially if the carpet and upholstery was replaced.

He/she should also look over the following things:

- Performance of the engine
- Shock absorbers
- Tires
- Suspension
- Exhaust system
- Body

The exhaust system needs to be checked out if you live in a region that demand yearly checks on the system.

Used cars, especially older models that have high mileage, are very dangerous. You certainly don’t want to be in any danger when you buy a vehicle. The law isn’t likely to protect you so you need to take matters into your own hands.  Make sure to speak with a reputable mechanic and have him/her look over the vehicle. Better safe than sorry, right?!

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