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1.  Winter brings cold, snow, ice and many other harsh weather-related conditions. However, it also brings on lots more automobile accidents than any other season. Why? It’s because of the snow, the ice and other conditions that catches people off guard and unprepared.  The reality is that most folks are not sure how to prepare their vehicle before the winter season so they can avoid winter car accidents.

2.  6 Tips To Help You Avoid Winter Car Accidents

To help you avoid winter car accidents, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when the winter season is right around the corner.

1 – Prepare Yourself For Bad Driving Conditions

The first way to avoid winter car accidents is to prepare yourself for those bad road conditions such as slippery roads from ice, snow or rain and cold temperatures. It takes years to learn how to drive on icy roads. However, you can’t always avoid the inexperienced driver or pedestrians crossing the road at the wrong time.

2 – Have The Necessary Safety Equipment

If you can avoid it at all, don’t’ drive. Most vehicle accidents happen in the winter so if there are fewer cars on the road, less cars will be involved in an accident. However, if you must drive, be sure you have all the equipment you need to make it safely. You want to ensure that all your windows are clear so you have better visibility. Check out your windshield wipers so you have the best possible front (and back) visibility. Carry with you an ice scraper and broom when you’re parking your vehicle outside.

3 – Drive Carefully

When you’re driving your vehicle, be a defensive driver and don’t lane change as often. Be sure the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you is much wider than in other season. Go on main roads when you’re driving instead of side street ones. The reason is that cities tend to clean the main ones first, which means they’ll be less of a problem to travel on.

4 – Avoid Lesser Travel Roads

You would think that lesser travelled roads would be better to drive on but the reality is that there are hidden dangers with roads that are not cleared of snow such as curbs, cars and other things.

5 – Learn How To Steer Properly

Another way to avoid winter car accidents is to learn how to steer your vehicle properly when you feel your vehicle sliding or slipping. What you need to do is momentarily let the steering go. Rather, shift the car into neutral and guide the wheels back into the direction you were going. Be easy on the brakes. Instead of pumping them, you want to decrease the pressure on them. Don’t stop suddenly and gently brake your vehicle to a halt. You want to keep your wheels from locking up. This will keep the vehicle from sliding and skidding all over the road…and possibly off of it.

6 – Use Your Headlights

When it’s winter, be sure to use your headlights. You always want other drivers to be able to see you, even in the daytime when the sun is hidden behind clouds or whatever else. Ensure the lights are shiny and clear so they can be easily seen to avoid winter car accidents.

With the six tips above, you can prepare yourself for all the harsh weather the winter season as to bring and avoid winter car accidents along with it.


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