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Whenever a vehicle is being recalled, you hear about it on the news, in the newspaper or on the web. Since 2003, one in 12 cars on the road is recalled for some reason. Here’s an interesting tidbit: one-third of recalled vehicle owners have taken their vehicles to be repaired.

How Persons Can Learn Of A Vehicle Recall

Owners are generally notified of recalls by a letter, regardless of whether or not it’s a minor or major event. There are many ways in which a person can obtain a recall. Thus, it’s nearly impossible for recalled vehicle owners not to learn of the possible problems.

The real problem is that most folks feel that if they’re not having any problems when the vehicle is recalled, it’s affecting all the other vehicles and not theirs. Thus, they ignore the recall. This is pure negligence and could be asking for trouble if the recall issue arises.  When this happens, it’s the owner’s responsibility for repairs, especially if they were given the information and did not fix the problem when it was for free.

As long as vehicle owners are made aware by car manufacturers of the recall, the owner decides whether or not to take advantage of it and get their vehicle repaired. When the repair is not done, the owner will be taking a huge risk. If you have yet to hear anything regarding a vehicle recall for your make and model vehicle or you’ve recently purchased a used car and want to know if there’s been a recall, check out the following links to locate the information you need:

Both websites have information about the various recalls over several years. To find your make, model and year of vehicle, you can search through the database to see if your vehicle has been recalled. Bear in mind that since 2004, more than 31 million vehicles have been recalled… seeing your vehicle listed won’t be that hard of a stretch. It can be hard to imagine that 31 million cars have been recalled especially with the technology being used to manufacture vehicles and how safe these vehicles have become.

What To Do In The Event That Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled

Of course, mistakes can and do occur and people tend to purchase vehicles that have basic issues like fuses or big problems such as tires, buckling seats or gas lines. It does not matter if you believe you have a safe vehicle, you need to check out the vehicle you drive to ensure it has not made the list. If your vehicle has made the list, just remember to not become one of those individuals who ignore the recall.

What you need to do is to your vehicle to an authorized mechanic or dealership that will make free repairs on your vehicle. Keep in mind that the only thing you’re paying for is your time… nothing else! Why take a chance with yours and your family’s lives by not getting your recalled vehicle fixed… for free?!

Bear in mind this: simple vehicle problems that require a trip to the mechanic may not be an issue you have to shell out money for. Every year, millions of Americans will take their vehicles to a mechanic for a simple or major repair, thinking something went wrong and it needs to be repaired.

The real shame is that most folks don’t ever research the issue to determine if the problem that’s occurring is a recall issue. They end up paying money on a repair that could have been free or a discount by the vehicle manufacturer. That means the next time your vehicle is having issues, you need to find out if the problems relates to a recall and determine if you can get the repair for free. The issue is certainly worth researching and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Who Will Issue Recalls

The biggest reason folks tend to ignore the recalls is that they’re unaware of how the process works. It’s the responsibility of the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (or NHTSA) to look into consumer complaints about vehicles and the problems. After complaints have rolled in about a particular issue from several consumers, the NHTSA will launch an investigation.

The point behind the investigation is to find out if consumers caused the issue, if there is a malfunction or if the vehicle’s manufacturer is behind it. If it’s learned that the manufacturer is the cause, the owners of the vehicles affected will be given notice through the mail about it including how they can have the problem fixed for no money. Of course, the NHTSA is not the only entity that issues recalls.

Every now and then, a manufacturer owns up to a mistake on a vehicle and voluntarily recalls the car in question. The NHTSA is also notified and an additional letter is mailed out to make owners aware of the issue and how it can be corrected. Keep in mind that vehicle recalls doesn’t always affect every model of a certain year. Thus, you can own a 2010 Toyota Camry where a limited number of them are affected by the recall.

If you do have a make, model and year of vehicle that’s been recalled, you should take it to the dealership and have the service department check the vehicle identification number to find out if the vehicle you own is affected. If it’s been determined to be a recalled vehicle, repairs are made for free. If it’s not an affected vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe.

There are all kinds of reasons that vehicles are recalled. And, if you believe your vehicle is affected by a recall, don’t hesitate to bring it in. You should never take for granted your safety. And remember, the repair is free so there’s no reason you shouldn’t do it!


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